These boots are made for walking...

In the snow. And it's about time they made their way downstairs to rest up for winter.

Their duties to be taken over by Boggers, hiking boots, and running shoes - perhaps even Crocs, although my wife, Jo-Ann, thinks that Crocs are acceptable winter wear. Perhaps next week I will put the summer tires back on the Toyota and Van.

I took them downstairs yesterday, and of course we wake up this morning to an inch of snow. It's just a few degrees below zero and the roof is dripping water on the East side as the morning sun gains some force.

Tom came up yesterday to help me get the skidsteer out of the garden. All I had to do was put a couple of planks under it and it came out easy. Being able to lift itself with the bucket makes putting stuff under the tires easy. The chains stay on for a while. At least untill now snow remains.

We have been having some very strong winds here lately, particularly in the afternoon. Yesterday, Jo came out to the heavily insulated, and thus, soundproof shop to escape its screaming. She doesn't much like the wind as she has child hood memories of living through Hurricane Freida. But she does admit that the wind keeps the Mosquitos down. Haven't seen a one since last fall.

The shop organize continues. I made some great progress yesterday and hopefully should almost be ready for the table saw rebuild today.


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