Digging out.

Yesterday brother Tom came up and we dug all the skidsteer parts out of the snow banks and got them ready for use. I have a four way bucket, Forks, Tote box, and of course a snow plow for the rig. Nice to have all the parts ready to go. I am using the bucket to get snow piles away from the house so any melting gets directed away from the foundation.

I went in the shop and couldn't find Boose the shop cat. Lo and behold she was sleeping up on the lumber rack.

Body wise, if I could leap the same distance, I could stand on the ground and leap up to the roof. Now that would be handy. And in cat years I could still do it when I am Sixty! Forget those Swedes.

Today is more snow removal some firewood chores and shop organizing. Now that's a whole post in itself.

I also started to dig a path to the retired garden so that I can get the tire tops and bring them into the shop for replacing the plastic lids.


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