Board of Life

I discovered this beauty when I was dismanteling the old shelving and workbench in the garage in preparation for a new roof, door and insullating.

It was being used as a bench top work surface. It is a georgeous piece of fir. At least twelve feet long it has to be eighteen inches wide and an inch and half thick. a few cabinet projects come to mind when I looked at this mother of all boards. One problem, not insurmountable, is that I only have a sixteen inch thickness planer. Oh well, that's why Makita makes four and a half inch grinders..

I also managed to score a bunch of nice looking one by eights that were being used as overhead storage. ( Mostly for Pack Rat droppings) These eight foot rough fir planks are over an inch thick.

I am carefully piling it in the wood storage barn. And realizing I am going to have to make some more storage racks out there. That was a late last fall project that got called on account of cold.

Tomorrow I will salvage the wood from the two front swinging doors and maybe start to tackle the dismantlement of the roof. Jo-Ann pointed out that some of the roof boards look like they are still in good shape. Some of course are rotted right through -- the purpose of putting up a new trussed metal roof. I was thinking that with some power and light and a decent floor this rebuld would make a nice shop. We are considering using the large shed to the North as a garage. It would take a bit of work, especially re bulding, or to use a Mike Holmes expression, re-structureing the foundation. With a dropped ceiling, metal siding and a couple of twelve foot garage doors at either end it would make a pretty useful garage for a couple of pieces of equiptment. And I would, of course, make provision for the barn swallows. Without their help this place would have a lot more mosquitos.


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