Eat Dirt

Twelve billion earthworms can't be wrong.

One of the joys of living a bit remotely is the surprises we find in the mail box when we go to town. Today I got a parcel from my Daughter Sara and Husband Kevin. My belly button was 58 years old recently and she sent me a celebration package.

I got a cool "T" shirt. From now on simply referred to as "my favorite T shirt". And I know there's a snow shovel in the back ground. We like to keep on on the deck " just in case ". Yes it has snowed here in July. Hopefully not this year.

And a great book on gardening vegtables and herbs. I want to expand my gardening experience to include herbs.

I also got a package of some healthy stuff. Dried tomatoes. They are delicious so I am not sure about the truth in packaging.
I also got in the mail the two most read magazines of middle age men. Victoria Secret and Lee Valley. I don't subscribe to Victoria Secret -- must have been a postal error.


Carol Browne said…
I also like the "no discoloring" label on the tomatoes. Now that's a great shirt!

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