The Dirt Diet

I have a theory that we don't eat enough dirt.

Everything is homogenized, sterilized, sanitized, iodized and chlorinated vitamin and fiber enriched. No wonder we have some weird diseases cropping up. And our general health is going down hill. We don't eat enough whole unprocessed food. Food fresh from the garden. Vegetables with traces of the soil still on them. Vitamins au natural.

So in that regard-- Radish reborn: Reds and a very nice, mild white one.

With all the weather we've been having lately the radishes and lettuce didn't seem to be doing well. Some friend of ours were over and we were walking through the garden and I was telling them how we didn't get any radishes because of their early dust up with the dreaded, light sucking, ( but astoundingly delicious) Lambs Quarters. Ellen looked at the radishes and told me that they seemed to be doing all right. Lo and behold.

She also gave me a lesson on zuchinni. I didn't know that there are male and female parts to the plant. Now I do. So much to learn, so short a season...Perhaps tomorrow or the next day - lightly steamed zuks..


Daughter One said…
Nice veg dad. But please... rinse your radishes....

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