Table Stakes

We picked up a round oak table for the kitchen. Which left us with a design dilemma. Well O.K a storage dilemma.

Our current kitchen table got moved to the balcony. What a difference. We had a rough table out on the balcony but took it down when we laid the new decking a year ago. I really missed having a table out there. Nice to enjoy the balcony during the summer time.

I spent the day dunging out the garage in preparation for a roof rebuild, some insulation and perhaps a couple of windows. I am always astounded how the largest part of reno projects around here consist of clearing out the sites preparatory to doing the actual construction. And this time: two pails of bent nails. I don't get that one. Saving bent nails. And I do it. These ones were left out in an un heated garage so basically turned into a mass of rust.


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