Just a small rant. Packaging. I am always astounded when I see such extravagantly wasteful examples.

I bought the most expensive eggs I could find in the local food mart. I just had to see. We had to save ours for company. These were just for the Saturday morning meeting in Fraser Lake. These are high priced, gotta be good for you, brown eggs. Don't they? Have a look at the packaging. Three part plastic --two to hold the eggs and one to put over top so that the advertising on the labels would be easier to read. Each egg is individually marked. These babies go for close to five bucks. And more than one ran when I put them on the grill. I picked up a cool health tip recently: Don't eat anything that the packaging says is good for you. Chances are it isn't. Have a look at the packaging and ingredients ( if you can decipher it ) on any "Healthy, loaded with good triglycerides, full of fibre etc. etc. product that tries to tell you it can solve all our health problems.

Marketing and packaging. For the betterment of corporations everywhere.


Eve said…
I 100% agree!! And yet the multitude of mindless victims within the human race believe every word that the greedy, selfish, me first marketing systems publish. Good to hear someone else actually sees it for what it is.
Wendy said…
Love your egg story ;), and I agree. If it has to say it's good for you, likely as not, it isn't.

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