Independance Day

Happy independence day you guys! Let's make sure the spirit of independence grows and flourishes. And thanks for your contribution to the progress of the world. It's amazing to me, how many people, Americans included, castigate the U.S.A with nary a thought to the enormous progress this world has made due to the blood and sweat of the nation the founding fathers conceived.

Eat cake and dance. Hopefully cake made with the 100 mile diet.

My planting plans have been waylaid a bit as I changed the skid steer's bucket to the fork lift tines. I am building a dumping box that can be picked up by the fork lift tines to help move crap around. and mix soil in. Picture a pallet that is super sized and with reinforced sides. Photos to follow.

I picked up a cool alarm clock at the second hand store in town, "The Ugly Duck" It's my favorite store in Fraser Lake and is full of treasures. As a matter of fact today I will be taking the trailer to town to get a load of furniture for Grandma's. My friend Carol Browne, prolific blogger and consummate photographer, has a penchant for birdy clocks. If she plays her cards right.. well this one if just for clucks. And it keeps pretty good time too!
I also scored this froe. I might just hang it on the wall but on the other hand it looks like it could be useful if we're ever attacked by rampaging vicious ceder blocks..
And like the link above suggests it's pretty nifty, and safer, way to make kindling. And it won't be long before we're doing that again.

This antique stove was the find of the month. We are going to use it in the kitchen to store spuds and onions but we will need to do a bit of rearranging before that can happen.
In the meantime it sits in the corner of the living room.


Endako Jo said…
it QUACKS, Carol. i know you'll love it!
Carol Browne said…
WHAT? NO WAY! Oh man...that clock looks excellent! And it quacks? Oh jeez!

And in other news, what a great idea for your potatoes and onions. That old stove is amazing.

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