The Deed Is Done!

We are pretty excited around here this morning. We just found out that we have officially registered an 80 acre parcel of land in our name. I.E. we own it. It's the parcel in red just below our existing property marked in green. The new parcel is important to us because our driveway passes through it. Before this we had to cross some one elses land to get to ours. And the fir and poplar provide a great visual break from highway 16. We were always worried that some one would come along and log it off, or block the road, or --burn it down. As land goes it's probably not that great, mostly slopeing, with two right of ways and an easement. One of the easements is for an old telegraph line that hasn't been used since the late 1800's. The other is for a Gas line that also crosses our existing property. There is a flat portion near Savory road that has a building site on it with a bunch of cobbled together houses - all delapidated that were built by an interesting character that could be the subject of another post. He was squatting on the land and would build a place only to rip parts of it down for another dwelling.

Fortunatly he is long gone, having duped a local logger into clearing all the pine ( which wasn't the squatters ) from the property.

When we got home from a beans and bacon run to Prince George we were dissapointed to see that a major wind storm had struck. All the Spud plants were blown over.

Imagine my releif this morning when we got up and the plants had righted themselves. Amazing things. It was a pretty big windstorm because we found stuff scattered all over the yard. I was thinking of putting some plastic around the plants to act as a wind guard but we don't get winds that strong very ofton.

When we were in Prince I saw this cool tracked dump truck device and had to get my picture taken with it. The ultimate rock hound machine. The body is shown swiveled around the tracks. Don't know what the purpose of that would be but it sure is cool. I didn't ask how much it was worth going on the assumption that if I had to ask I couldn't afford it..
Today I finish the tree planting and sprucing up the garden getting ready for sawdust mulch.


Carol Browne said…
Hey, those are some tough potato plants! Your tire garden looks great.

Congratulations on getting your own driveway back. That must feel good.

Also, did you buy some magical fruit in Prince George? Toot!!

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