The July Harvest

To those of you in warmer climes the title of this blog would be "the late May Harvest". My gardening buddy Carol Browne is even harvesting watermelons. However, remembering that less than two weeks ago we were waking to 3C (37.4F.) temperatures, this bunch is a bit of a gardening miracle. The round black object on the squash is a lens cover for Jo-Ann's camera.

I really enjoy the white radishes. Large, juicy, not too hot with a solid core. No bug bites or worm holes this year. Knock on wood rubber.

The tires make such a huge difference, soaking in the daily sunshine and assisting the yard or so of soil in each unit to maintain an after dark temperature in the tires many degrees warmer than the outside air.

Jo-Ann thought the spaghetti squash was getting too large for the tire. I don't know. I think we could have let it get a bit bigger. But it will be a great test. This one is the size of the largest ones we had last year and they were plentiful and a welcome addition to suppers.

Had lunch today with some old work buddies who were taking a break from jobs at the coast. Some interesting conversations. I was sitting with an electrical design technician-cum-gourmet chef who provided some interesting recipes for the bumper radish crop. Who would have thought that radishes have a life outside of a salad bowl. Another buddy an IT professional was no slouch either-- contributing a few delicious sounding ideas involving Nan bread and filling.

I am fascinated with the people behind the people. As if I needed a reminder that people are so much more than their jobs. I spent a lot of years trying to define myself by what my job was. Not a very spiritually uplifting way to live. I really enjoyed being with them. Listening to how the world looks through their eyes and feeling very grateful for the life I have been blessed with.

And now for some lightly blanched radishes gently cooked in butter with garlic, a bit of sugar and Parsley..


Endako Jo said…
I'm glad you got some recipes. I was about to google the subject. I just knew there had to be SOMETHING we could make with all this bounty.

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