Divide and Conquer

I added a movable divider to the skid steer tote.  The skid loader, a 1980 1845 Case is pretty old and the driveway is gravel with the odd pot hole.  Not the smoothest terraine to deliver packages over.  The other day while trying to move a small smoker a buddy had given, me the skid loader went into spasms and dumped it on the ground breaking it.  I was reluctant to use it to transport tools from here to there.  But not now: tada!

Of course Ewe, the cat, had to check it out.  Xena also tried it.  I thought she wanted to go fro a ride as she stood on the platform.  But as soon as the engine coughed to life she jumped off- smart girl.

Had another sweat last night.  It started late, around eight o'clock. One of the rounds was so hot I had to remind myself that my hair would probably not catch on fire as there was too much steam. We just lay in the lodge for a half hour after the pipe was taken apart, indicating the end of the sweat, and relaxed.  I drove home a little slower driving past a couple of deer and a fawn at the start of our driveway.  I poured my mellowed body into bed and slept like a baby. 


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