Black Jack Shellac in his Frontenac Hat

With his trustworthy hound, Xena.

Off to the hardware store to get some more caulk. With my new knitted hat, my knitted dickey, my knitted sweater, and covered with my knitted Cowichan sweater. Toasty.

At the hardware store they looked at me and made some crack about " We can tell how cold it is outside by looking at you". To which I replied: " yah, but it ain't cold in here!" I used to have a voyager type toque that was made out of a soft fleece like stretchy material. For some reason it decided to leave home and Jo-Ann took pity on my constant bemoaning it's loss and knitted me up a facsimile. It's great.

We had about four inches of snow last night so it's time to plow again. I will put a coat of primer on the shop first and then do a run. The four inches isn't much but it was windy last night too and it drifts quite seriously across the upper road. And rule number one with snow removal: get it while its still fluffy..


Carol Browne said…
That hat is EXCELLENT! Lucky you! Jo-Ann is a great knitter!
Cachou said…
Geeze you are a nice looking dog. For a second I thought it was me and my butt-ugly human.He likes posting stuff too. Well he seems like a super nice guy and it is super nice of him to provide you with such a great home. Do you have pemmican farced whale eggs up there? They are my favourite!

Woof, woof!
Fluffy Butt (en amont)

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