Seven gallons of primer later..

Xena, checking out the paint job. " I don't mean to be nosey Dad, but you missed a spot over here..", Everyone's a critic. Boose found the only place that didn't have primer dust on it. " Will these reno's ever be over, I cant find my liter box.."

I put three tubes of caulk on the walls and ceiling. Today I will put paint on the walls. Later the ceiling gets two coats of gloss white acrylic latex.

Its +2c(35.6f) and the snow is melting like it was May. If anyone is coming up from the Coast, they could bring a couple of suitcases of snow.. Preferably the dry stuff.


Kevin said…
hmmm, I am skeptical that it is ever below freezing there. you show pictures and stuff, but I am thinking conspiracy! Every time we come in the winter it seems to rain, except when it is time to drive home of course.

Art Blomquist said…
I suppose perception could be reality. I did gravel the driveway the hardway - by scraping the road down to it. Now where did I put those moose posters..
Gail S. said…
Hi there,

I've been a reader for some time and really enjoy all your projects. I originally found your posts because you own a boler. I am a fellow boler owner.

Anyways - I was wondering what the taped off squarea are on the left hand side of the photo are.
ablom said…
Hi Gail, Thanks for dropping me a line. The taped off squares are where the electrical stuff goes. There's a subpanel, outlets, switches and a thermostat. This shop has 20 amp outlets every four feet.

Are you on Bolerama?

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