These Boots Were Made For Walking..

In the really cold weather. Which isn't now. The above zero stuff has gone but were still only having -5c(23f)weather. Totally icy as I've described before. But something tells me winter isn't over just yet. I have several pairs of Cold weather boots. Unfortunately the working boots I use are about a size too small when I have a couple of winter socks on, which doesn't help keeping the feet warm. Especially when sitting working on equipment. So I have been in the market for larger ones. I bought the most expensive pair of footwear I have ever owned. They are Dakota Propac composites, rated to -100c.(-148f) I hope I don't have to put that claim to the test. They are made with Kevlar and tough oil proof composite material. If the bad guys start shooting I hope they aim for my feet! One of the good things to come out of the oil sands projects where they are de rigeur for the oil sands workers.

I also got a pair of Yak Traks for slipping over my hiking boots for warmer icy weather.

We have been using Ice Trackers that we got from Lee Valley. They Velcro on our boots but because we got them sized for our insulated winter boots, trying to put them on far smaller hiking boots is like wearing snow shoes. These are very good, well made with good soles and replaceable grippers. Sized correctly for the boot these things are the best we've found. But it is still possible to slip on watered ice if the foot isn't carefully planted so all spikes dig in. Coupled with a sturdy, sharp tipped ski pole.

We were on a week long winter hike once, and coming down a snow free mountain road that was so iced up we had to use our snow shoes (which had built in crampons on them) to keep from slipping on our asses down the mountain side. Slow but steady.

Speaking of which, I just can't seem to get off my ass today. I have been horribly depressed lately and breathing almost seems like too much effort.

But I have 70 sheets of 3/8 O.S.B to put in the shop to acclimate for a couple of days before covering up the now finished vapour barrier.


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