West Wind

When we got up this morning at 6:30 it was +3C(37.4F) with a twenty Kmh warm West Wind. A Chinook . Talk about a snow eater. It's melting like spring. We cannot safely walk on the roadways without putting our ice cleats on our boots. And ski poles for stability. There is a film of water on the ice.

Great for curling - lousy for walking. The wind hasn't stopped since yesterday afternoon. The heater is off in the hen house.

Yesterday I finished pushing back all the snow from the banks of the road. It is now at least 30 feet wide, bank to bank. I also managed to get the Drott skid shovel up and plowed two parallel roads on both sides of our upper road to act as snow breaks. It's all very well to be able to plow snow - the important thing I learned quite quickly was: I needed to think ahead, where will all the snow go. We can't count on Chinooks like this one melting the stuff. This is just temporary anyway. My brother Tiny has kept records of the local snows for a lot of years. He does contract snow plowing in the area. Tom maintains that we get at least 10 snowfalls a year ( a snow fall being something he has to plow ) and so far we have only had four..

After breakfast it's off to the shop to clean up, finish the vapor barrier and get ready for OSB installation.


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