In The Pink

Insulation that is. I finished the insulation of the garage/shop a couple of days ago. It's still not powered up but that's coming. It's foot thick, R40 fiberglass stuff. I liked the Roxsul stuff better but wasn't able to get it at the local building supply.

Even with a plastic tarp in place of the insulated garage door a small electric heater makes a 10 degree difference.

Classify this heater as sorta works:

I haven't found one of these small, 110 volt heaters that are suitable for 24/7 operation. They just burn out. I have a 240 volt one that does work and will use it as a back up for the shop. I have decided to add a wood heater to the shop. I have some freebie insulated chimney and will move the air tight from the blue shop to the new garage/shop.

Classify this heater, propane fired jet engine as: really works. It can take the insulated garage from -20 to +20 in about 20 minutes. It will get hotter but I usually shut it down at that point.

Today is put the lock on the door and clean up the joint in preparation for vapour barrier. And then OSB. Then some power and an insulated garage door. It will be very cool, er warm, to have a heated space close to the house to work on equipment.

We have a snow warning for today so I might have to plow the place if the wind keeps up.


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