The Sistine Chapel Not

But a work shop yes. I started to shoot primer on the O.S.B. yesterday. This is obviously the most important part of the job - sitting thinking about working.

And then the actual painting. Seconds after this shot I stopped and put on my face mask. It doesn't take long to fill the room with acrylic paint fumes. The photographer left right after this shot when she realized what the white haze was.

It sucked up the acrylic latex primer like a thirsty sponge. If I would have done some research ( i.e. google) about painting O.S.B. I would have used different material. Like a stain blocker and perhaps a concrete block filler paint to even out the chip pattern of the O.S.B. I am noticing some bleeding through from some of the particles that O.S.B is made from. Hence the need for stain blocker. But it will still look a million bucks better than just bare wood chips.

When I checked the place last night before bed I was amazed how much brighter it was with just one coat of primer on it. Coat two today. Then two ceiling coats of acrylic latex white semi-gloss and two coats of acrylic latex eggshell 1/2 bone for the walls. Think white with the slightest hint of brown. A very light beige.

It's -5c (23f) here today with a brisk wind blowing. After a second coat of primer it's time to launch the skidsteer snow plow. But wait: there is more snow coming tonight.


Daughter One said…
Beige is nice but I've always been partial to Dusty Rose... and I don't think I'm the only one...
ablom said…
Well I'll see how the paint I have holds out maybe I'll have to get some more when we pick you up tomorrow..

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