Don't Chicken Out

We had been in a white out for six hours when I heard the Rooster crowing. Memo to self: raise 2009 priority of getting the chicken shed closer to the house. Like just North of the garden, alongside the new green house. Oh - and add water.

Actually I am a little overdressed. I wanted to try out my new face mask that I got at the trading post in town. They are having a great sale on clothing. Buy two items and get one free. ( you only get the cheapest one free) I just about cleaned them out of heavy duty ( but light weight) thermal underwear. ( There Carol - I said "underwear"..)

It was still snowing when we got up this morning and the predictions say snow for the next four days so I am going to plow at first light today. This is a picture of the highway 16 web cam this morning.
Looks like the snow plow crew slept in. Maybe the headlights heading East are them.

It has warmed up to -4 with Saturday coming with +6. No, that's not a typo. Unseasonably warm for January. Maybe Mother Nature is deciding to pay me back for my derision of "Global Warming", with a bit of Endako warming.


Carol Browne said…
Hooray! You said underwear. I also like the word "underwears". It's silly.

I'm so glad you've got your pets and each other and your coffee to keep warm until it warms up to plus 6.

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