Playing with my Caulk

With apologies to my friend Scotty. He is a professional painter and would never make that pun.

I managed to get most of the 2 X 4 trim in yesterday but I will need a full day today to caulk everything. Especially around the trim. It just helps keep the joints air tight and they look a lot nicer when they are painted.

Jo-Ann snapped this pic this morning about a quarter to eight.

She was complaining that she was getting cold standing on the veranda snapping pictures. I don't know why. It was only -27c(-16.6f) with about a 20kph wind, and she was fully dressed in her usual winter fashion: T-shirt and blue clogs. Ample winter wear. The forecast is for light snow with rapidly warming weather, supposedly +6c by Friday. Weird.


Kevin said…
That is a great photo, I am glad you took some time away from "playing with your caulk" to post this.

Carol Browne said…
You guys get some great sunrises and sunsets.

And I would like to thank you for not showing us how to play with said caulk. I am a lady, afterall.

BELCH. Wieners.

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